New Moon:::New Colors

Welcome January Wolf Moon

Years ago, hungry wolf packs bayed outside snowy, Indian villages during these long, frigid nights. 

New Moon is the time to set your intentions, to put your seed in the ground, and to begin new projects.

Out with the old; in with the new. 

Here at Sage Winds we are using new tie dye colors for our hand-dyed hemp wraps for the first time since we started the farm! After 12 years, we feel the pull and movement of new direction. 

Hand wrapping each smudge bundle is a meditation. We contemplate the colors of the hemp as we weave the string over and around each bouquet. *sigh* deeply satisfying.

What's one new thing you can do during this new moon? Changing our colors is rather inconsequential yet powerful. We don't yet know what the results will be. Will you like them? Or will you bay hungrily for our former palette?

We won't know until we try.

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