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:::We are here:::January 2019:::New Year:::New Intentions:::

New Year:New You! shouts to us from magazine titles, gym banners, salons, click-bait, and articles.

Let's take a pause. Let's take a breath. Let's reset.

We begin this January 2019 in the Last Quarter of the Cold Moon. Long nights and crystal clear skies are the perfect time for stillness, silence, and sleep. 

Sleep, perchance to dream new dreams, hear new songs, divine new intentions.

Stillness as your energy flows inward, in spite of the flush of new year parties. 

Silence to hear the deep intention of your soul. 

Your spirit whispers...who shall we be this revolution around the sun?

This New Year is the time to reflect. What aspects of your life are in harmony? Where do you feel discord? What patterns need to change? How will you change?

Take this time, it is yours, to be here, now. Drink in the possibilities of the new year.

May this voyage around the sun bring you increased abundance, brilliance, creativity, dreams, empathy, focus, grace, health, intuition, joy, knowledge, love, merriment, nature, optimism, peace, quiet, radiance, swagger, tenacity, understanding, vivacity, worth, X-cellence, yumminess, and zeal. 

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