About Sagewinds Farms

When Ken and Ellen moved to their 40-acre ranch in the high desert of San Diego County, they took particular interest in a plant that is natural to the region called California White Sage, or Salvia apiana. It is also known as “Bee Sage”, “Magic Sage”, and “Sacred Sage”.

In the Western hemisphere California White Sage grows naturally only in Southern California and Northern Baja, Mexico. In many places in Southern California it has been wild harvested to bare survival. Ken and Ellen wanted to cultivate and sustain White Sage without further damage to the environment. Many of their plants were started by Ellen as seedlings from a wild patch growing on their farm. They soon discovered that even with all their combined experience in growing plants, growing Salvia apiana defied every move. It took 3 years of trial and error to learn the special qualities of how to get this mysterious plant to respond to their efforts.

Organic Certification

With certification from both the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) we are now the only certified organic growers of White Sage in the United States. We are now working with a producer of California White Sage in El Rosario, Baja California, Ed Lusk. Mr. Lusk has received official organic certification from the CCOF (which also certifies farmers in Baja). That means when you purchase California White Sage products from us you can be assured that everything is grown and produced sustainably and organically.