California White Sage

California White Sage (Salvia apiana) has many excellent qualities. It has traditionally been used around the world by every culture that came in contact with it, especially in ceremonies with an emphasis on purification. This power to purify is said to be released from the plant by the burning of the leaves, which are typically bundled into a wand or stick. Native Americans in the area consider California White Sage as a part of their religion. In the old traditions, there were many uses for this plant: seeds were ground into a flour and used for mush; leaves were used for flavoring in cooking; leaves were also eaten, smoked or used in a sweathouse as a remedy for colds; seeds were also used in an eyewash to cleanse the eyes; and leaves were crushed and mixed with water to create a hair shampoo, dye and straightener.

California White Sage is also used medicinally. It is believed to be beneficial for skin abrasions, irritations and infections. It can be made into a tea, which decreases sweating, salivation, and mucous secretions in the sinuses, throat, and lungs. Cold tea can be a good stomach tonic, while a lukewarm tea is good for treating sore throats. Since it can also decrease lactation, nursing mothers are advised not to use it.

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Our California White Sage Products

We grow Salvia apiana in a sustainable manner on a 40-acre farm in eastern San Diego County, at the center of the small natural range of this rare and elusive plant. We cultivate and grow plants to their maturity in their natural habitat. No plant is harvested until it is at least 3 years old. Contrast ‘wild crafters’ who come from all over the U.S. to go out into the Southern California wild areas (often on public lands) to harvest and cut back the native growth of Salvia apiana for sale on an international market. The depradations of the ‘wild crafter’ along with other environmental stresses, such as drought, has every year put native Salvia apiana more in jeopardy of survival.

Our California White Sage, on the other hand, is sustainably harvested as the plants themselves continue to thrive and grow. We make California White Sage smudge stick bundles in two sizes. The sage is properly dried and wrapped with decorative tie-dyed hemp string. We also sell the hand-dyed hemp string that we use.

Here in this dry Southwest climate, we have developed a California White Sage Body Butter, that has proved to be an effective moisturizer and soother that can be used daily on the skin.

We also distill Essential Oil of Salvia apiana, and make several products, including 3 sizes of bottled essential oil, a tincture and a hydrosol of California White Sage oil. Please see our Products page for more information.