White Sage

White Sage (Salvia apiana) grows natively only in the small region of Southern California/Northern Baja California, in thehigh desert between 1,000-3,500 ft. elevation. Yet this rare plant is central to many Native AmerICAN RELIGIONS OF THE sOUTHwest. It is sought after in modern times by many peoples around the world who have come to recognize the special qualities of Salvia apiana.


About White Sage

Salvia apiana has had appeal around the world for humans. It has been used in rituals of purification for thousands of years by every culture that has encountered it. 

Plants on our farm are grown from seed or cuttings in a pasture on our land in eastern San Diego County. The plants are allowed to reach full maturity and are only harvested after being established at least 3 years. We grow fields of established White Sage that increase in size while being harvested in a sustainable way. We also offer essential oil and other White Sage products year round.


Distillation Process

White Sage essential oil is distilled in small batches here on the farm.